Search feature on Group Pages Renee Sallit 3 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Discussion Post Mrs. Watt 1 comentario 4 votos Ninguna
Add Feedback Option to Fill in the Blank Questions Beth Cummins 0 comentarios 7 votos Ninguna
Essay Question allow Student File Response Beth Cummins 0 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Missing assignments - refresh button Ryer Schierkolk 7 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Update the Android App!!!! Landon Finch 3 comentarios 9 votos Ninguna
Badges - Automatically Assign Angela May 1 comentario 4 votos Ninguna
Home Tab Update Organization Mrs. Pam Schroeder 1 comentario 5 votos Ninguna
Grade Book Incomplete Exception Should Be Available in Submitted Assignments Window Jennifer Barczyk 1 comentario 13 votos Ninguna
Allowing Teachers to submit a test that a student forgot to submit Mark Anderson 2 comentarios 11 votos Ninguna
Allowing polls to show admin what students selected what option Mrs. Booth 0 comentarios 6 votos Ninguna
Check marks in gradebook LISA PEACOCK 3 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Locking students computers into presentations and tests without purchasing other products. Julie Jensen 1 comentario 8 votos Ninguna
Timed update Dr. Grafton 5 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
View low grades in gradebook Rod Kirby 0 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Adding an Image as a Tooltip Sarah Evans 0 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Integration with Problem Generator by Wolfram Alpha Adam Babcock 0 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Export Mastery by Individual Material LIZ STEELE 0 comentarios 2 votos Ninguna
Automatically update my feed JOHANNA OSHAROW 0 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Multiple Rubrics on One Assignment Nicole Bauer 2 comentarios 3 votos Ninguna
Report Doris Curry 0 comentarios 3 votos Ninguna
Color code for resubmit/need grading return Victoria Deschere 6 comentarios 10 votos Ninguna
Learning Objective Visible to Student Tyson Poppleton (T-Pop) 2 comentarios 5 votos Ninguna
Randomize Paged Question Tyson Poppleton (T-Pop) 3 comentarios 3 votos Ninguna
Turnitin Submissions Martha Hawkins 5 comentarios 7 votos Ninguna
Search Feature on Group Wall Renee Sallit 2 comentarios 7 votos Ninguna
Option to Publish at a Later Date Sarah Zurn 5 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Parent Access by School Jeff Wallis 0 comentarios 1 voto Ninguna
Document Viewer - Pen Color Jen Moyers 3 comentarios 10 votos Ninguna
Media Album grading - add ability to grade! Brett Sanderson 6 comentarios 11 votos Ninguna
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