Upgraded Grading Features for Schoology Submissions Kristen Franz 8 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Multiple files for one assignment Desmond S. 8 comentarios 4 votos Ninguna
Missing notification to students Nicole Loomis 8 comentarios 84 votos Ninguna
Gradebook Request - Missing Assignments Chris Jarrett 8 comentarios 6 votos Ninguna
Quizzes that can be re-corrected John Ristvedt 8 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
Ability to Delete a Sent Message Thread Leah Jordano-Kudalis 8 comentarios 5 votos Respondida
Button to clear overdue assignments list DEREK CARTER 8 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Set default Grading Period Melissa Hughes 8 comentarios 23 votos Ninguna
Duplicate/Copy Quiz Question Stacy Smith 8 comentarios 15 votos Completada
direct upload link to turn in assignment Spiros Xydas 8 comentarios 21 votos Completada
Parent Notifications for Student Events Seth Dimbert 8 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Archive Grading Periods Tony Campbell 8 comentarios 42 votos Ninguna
how do u send a friend request to classmates Aniwa olsen-harrison 8 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
iOS Notification Badges BJ Thaman 8 comentarios 18 votos Completada
Gradebook Grid Trisha Underwood 8 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
View Average Grade for a Category Aimee Tolentino 8 comentarios 16 votos Completada
Need the ability for teachers to annotate student work when submitted to dropbox on iPad. Melissa Hughes 8 comentarios 23 votos Completada
Bulk-edit or bulk-copy feature in a folder Julie Yoon 8 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Ability to use multiple grading categories for a single graded item Julie Yoon 8 comentarios 19 votos Ninguna
Ability to reorder assignments in the Gradebook Julie Yoon 8 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Seating Charts Julie Yoon 8 comentarios 40 votos Ninguna
Delete account E G 7 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Show quiz score on view attempt Mrs. Gastler 7 comentarios 2 votos Ninguna
Passage Text & Questions Side by Side Landon Finch 7 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Ability to Print using New Assessments Richard (student) Hung (student) 7 comentarios 14 votos Completada
Missing features of assessment Profe Olson 7 comentarios 20 votos Completada
Review Results by Question Fred Reimer 7 comentarios 20 votos Completada
Missing assignments - refresh button Ryer Schierkolk 7 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
View Dropped Students Adam Babcock 7 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
Adding Announcements to Groups Linda Schweitzer 7 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
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