Create a Differentiated Learning Path for students with Completion rules Paul Schlangen 10 comentarios 70 votos Ninguna
Teacher notifications for missing work submitted Katie Smith 10 comentarios 41 votos Ninguna
Hiding Multiple Choice & Fill-in-the-Blank Quiz Grades Ms. Joseph 10 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Foreign Language - quizzes - Google Translator automatically pops up :( Cheryl K. 10 comentarios 12 votos Ninguna
is there anyway to have excused/exempt, absent, late, and missing options added to the grade book for any/all assignments? Ms. Greene 10 comentarios 12 votos Ninguna
Import test bank questions in resources Richard Baxley 10 comentarios 19 votos Ninguna
Student Annotations Mr. Sundquist 10 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Grading annotations - NEED ERASER! Mrs. Myers 10 comentarios 35 votos Ninguna
Missing Assignment notification Ryan Gray 10 comentarios 23 votos Ninguna
Poll Options Ryan Fitzpatrick 10 comentarios 19 votos Ninguna
Folders: Individually assign DANA SCHRADER 10 comentarios 34 votos Completada
Export Comments from Gradebook Jonathan Lyons 10 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Badges DANA SCHRADER 10 comentarios 36 votos Ninguna
Rubric Additions Matthew Glass 10 comentarios 22 votos Ninguna
Total Points Mrs. Karla Rohde 10 comentarios 18 votos Respondida
Workload Planning, Add "1 or more items" option... Matt Perreault 10 comentarios 22 votos Ninguna
Be able to copy, repeat events in the calendar Katharine Ryer 10 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
A way to flag when a new revision is submitted. Elizabeth Suchanski 10 comentarios 11 votos Completada
Ability to search for a file, folder, resource, or material Evan Wolkenstein 10 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Change profile picture from mobile device Elizabeth Gofman (Liza) 10 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
Random selection of test bank items for each student Julie Yoon 10 comentarios 10 votos Completada
Rearrange order of groups Dave Allen 9 comentarios 18 votos Completada
Course menu and dashboard TOO LARGE Ms. Kemnitz 9 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up Terri Spartz 9 comentarios 47 votos Ninguna
Discussion post grading efficiency Dr. Pfau 9 comentarios 23 votos Ninguna
Copying a Folder full of material retains completion status of the orginal folder - Green Checks on all material before opening any material Mark Schafer 9 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Printing Assessments Deb McMullen 9 comentarios 19 votos Completada
Schoology New Assessments David Kalk 9 comentarios 15 votos Respondida
A student cannot enroll in a class help. alex bush 9 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Delete Account Shari Hansen 9 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
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