When I use the equation editor function, just the "insert image" icon appear, how can I fix that? Hai Lin Pong 15 comentarios 8 votos Respondida
Student Completion Rules Christopher Triola 15 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Force Submit in Google Assignments Ashley Davis 15 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
NEW Interface - Reorder Courses and Groups? Alexandra Hancock 15 comentarios 5 votos Completada
We should be able to save or bookmark a group discussion for later reference. JOHANNA OSHAROW 15 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Print a rubric? Lorraine Kennedy 15 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Setting different availability TIMES for linked sections within one class Katie Colonel 15 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Support Discovery Education Integration Gilda Gearhart 15 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Assignment Submission Filtering Brian Curtin 15 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
Student Annotation Dustin Andrus 15 comentarios 57 votos Ninguna
Calendar Features Kathryn Wilson 15 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Can you move a Grade Column? Rick Biggerstaff 15 comentarios 41 votos Ninguna
Automatic generation of emails based on missing assignments Julie Yoon 15 comentarios 53 votos Completada
Print-version of tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 15 comentarios 30 votos Completada
OneDrive Assignment Issues Jessica Thoel 14 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Upcoming Events Not Showing Up - Again Rod Kirby 14 comentarios 2 votos Respondida
Foreign Language Keyboard Terri Spartz 14 comentarios 34 votos Ninguna
New Assessment is not better than Quiz/Test tool yet Gloria Wood 14 comentarios 15 votos Completada
An option to change the default font size on tests Traci Schierloh 14 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Lock Feature Applied to Entire Folders Miss Gearty 14 comentarios 36 votos Ninguna
Importing from Notability Jennifer John 14 comentarios 1 voto Respondida
Sharing Discussions Between Linked Sections Susan C. 14 comentarios 41 votos Ninguna
Set Assignment Submissions Default Setting to "Off" Ted Sadtler 14 comentarios 33 votos Ninguna
Mark Status in Gradebook - submitted Audrey Langley 14 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Can you duplicate/copy a test question? ALLISON MARSH 14 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Grading annotations - NEED ERASER! Mrs. Myers 14 comentarios 40 votos Ninguna
Poll Options Ryan F. 14 comentarios 23 votos Ninguna
Lesson Planner Charles Dadas 14 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Marking Period Grade override Mr. Roy 14 comentarios 10 votos Completada
Viewing Grades - Recent Dates first! Trisha Underwood 14 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
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