The Death of Flash Greg King 14 comentarios 27 votos Planeada
Audio/Video in the "New" Assessments JON COURTNEY 14 comentarios 49 votos Ninguna
Missing Work Report Miss Gearty 14 comentarios 57 votos Ninguna
Set Assignment Submissions Default Setting to "Off" Ted Sadtler 14 comentarios 31 votos Ninguna
Mark Status in Gradebook - submitted Audrey Langley 14 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Print a rubric? Lorraine Kennedy 14 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Can you duplicate/copy a test question? ALLISON MARSH 14 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Print student roster Cathleen Billig 14 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Marking Period Grade override Mr. Roy 14 comentarios 9 votos Completada
Viewing Grades - Recent Dates first! Trisha Underwood 14 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Group Analytics - Detailed History and other Info\ Mark Davies 14 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Answer Key option in tests/quizzes for teachers Julie Yoon 14 comentarios 35 votos Completada
Group-grading and Group-submission option for project-based work Julie Yoon 14 comentarios 57 votos Ninguna
"Next Question" button when grading tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 14 comentarios 45 votos Ninguna
Make empty Gradebook cells worth 0 points Julie Yoon 14 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Out of Feature in the Gradebook Barbara Plunkert 13 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Google Team Drive Accessibility ARMANDO VENEGAS 13 comentarios 33 votos Ninguna
Add a Child Sharon Bowler 13 comentarios 1 voto Respondida
Portfolio availability for the iOS app B Peterson 13 comentarios 43 votos Ninguna
Lesson Planner Charles Dadas 13 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
Google Drive Search Feature Matthew Finucane (Mr. Fin) 13 comentarios 20 votos Completada
Send a message or update to a grading group... Mrs. Cantagallo 13 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Integration with "locked down" browser for quizzes/tests Ms. Cohen 13 comentarios 38 votos Respondida
Tests built from random subsets of a question bank Michael Brady 13 comentarios 13 votos Completada
Problems with embedded videos in pages Vanesa Maiorana 12 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Students unable to open pdfs I post Angenette Fudala 12 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Ability to sort by question in new assessments like in Test/Quiz ASHLEY BINGENHEIMER 12 comentarios 13 votos Completada
Printable Rubrics Chris Clarke 12 comentarios 22 votos Ninguna
Major and minor assignments in workload planning Cameron Johnson 12 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
We need the ability to have a master course to edit content. Troy Caddy 12 comentarios 19 votos Completada
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