Button to clear overdue assignments list DEREK CARTER 20 comentarios 50 votos Ninguna
Built In Drawing tool Stacy Smith 18 comentarios 49 votos Ninguna
Google Drive submission timestamp KYLE BOYD 6 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Re-submitted Assignments Link Frank P. 34 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Print a rubric? Lorraine Kennedy 15 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Portfolio availability for the iOS app B Peterson 13 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Formal Report Card Lezlie Strolle 19 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Ability to Curve Mr. Vasquez 18 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Student self-assessment Rubrics Karissa Swanson 27 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
"Next Question" button when grading tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 14 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Seating Charts Julie Yoon 9 comentarios 48 votos Ninguna
Missing Assignment Flags Will Cheney 8 comentarios 47 votos Ninguna
Advisees - Missing Assignments Evan Lembke 8 comentarios 47 votos Ninguna
Visual difference for "completed" assignment Jasper Wood 11 comentarios 46 votos Ninguna
Google Team Drive Accessibility ARMANDO VENEGAS 17 comentarios 46 votos Ninguna
Badges DANA SCHRADER 10 comentarios 46 votos Ninguna
Red "Incomplete" indicator should count as 0 points. Cathleen Billig 23 comentarios 45 votos Ninguna
Badges for Groups James Rogers 17 comentarios 45 votos Ninguna
Google Assignments App - Re-submitted assignments Anna Otto 9 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Teacher notifications for missing work submitted Katie Smith 10 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
EdPuzzle Jordan Williams 19 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Archive Grading Periods Tony Campbell 8 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Allow Admins to print report cards for students for each grading period. Josh Carver 13 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Copy one rubric at a time Mr. Wallace 56 comentarios 44 votos Completada
Peer Review Julie Yoon 21 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
Assign Folders in Grading Groups Cathy Baune 17 comentarios 43 votos Completada
Anonymous Comments for Discussion Threads Amy Vorwaller 27 comentarios 43 votos Ninguna
Late Work Submission Notifications Mrs. DAY 4 comentarios 42 votos Ninguna
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Can you move a Grade Column? Rick Biggerstaff 15 comentarios 42 votos Ninguna
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