Can't open table Ping Lee 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
Rubric Additions Matthew Glass 10 comentarios 22 votos Ninguna
Grade Analytics Matthew Glass 7 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Overall Average - Confusing for parents Trisha Underwood 5 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Viewing Grades - Recent Dates first! Trisha Underwood 14 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
Can I attach a rubric to only 1 question in a quiz? B Peterson 6 comentarios 11 votos Completada
iOS Notification Badges BJ Thaman 8 comentarios 18 votos Completada
Attach a Link to an Image Susan Elliott 4 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Friends Taylor Caldwell 3 comentarios -1 votos Respondida
Copy/Duplicating Assignments Katharine Ryer 24 comentarios 58 votos Ninguna
Printing Gradebook improvement RITA THORSON 5 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
Opening a test from teacher Lawrence Davis 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
Anonymous Comments for Discussion Threads Amy Vorwaller 27 comentarios 43 votos Ninguna
Cancel account Justin McDonald 3 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Automatic Badges Benjamin Light 29 comentarios 121 votos Ninguna
class drop please Meghan Miller 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
chemo/bio certification Dorothy McEnany 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
Creating quiz in Resources Ms. Tunik 2 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Send a message or update to a grading group... Mrs. Cantagallo 29 comentarios 84 votos Ninguna
Rich text editor for Updates? KELLIE ADY 7 comentarios 6 votos Completada
Group Analytics - Detailed History and other Info\ Mark Davies 14 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
Please add a reminder for resubmited assignments Maria Teresa Tamez Morales 1 comentario 12 votos Completada
Synchronization of Folders Charles Dadas 3 comentarios 11 votos Ninguna
Blog - Would love the ability to have my students edit their blog... Matt Perreault 11 comentarios 20 votos Ninguna
Parent Access Codes & Informational Letter Mrs. Berhe 3 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Signed up as instructor instead of student Elizabeth Pelton 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
Fill-in-the-Blank Directly Mr. Marquardt 6 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
can I default a zero for work not submitted ? Jim Murray 3 comentarios 14 votos Respondida
Printing rubrics to send home/file Mr. Bortz 23 comentarios 84 votos Ninguna
Add Rich Text Editor to Student Discussion responses Clay Burell (Mr.) 4 comentarios 5 votos Completada
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