Media Album grading - add ability to grade! Brett Sanderson 5 comentarios 9 votos Ninguna
Summary of grades Justin Zona 5 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Group Functionality Michael Sierk 5 comentarios 6 votos Ninguna
New Assignments / Materials at Top Megan Smith 5 comentarios 11 votos Ninguna
Save Assignment Settings as Defaults Melanie Zolnier 5 comentarios 35 votos Ninguna
Make grading groups ACTUALLY be GROUPSs 1 submission for the entire group not one submission per member Ray Phinney 5 comentarios 9 votos Ninguna
Print Rubrics? LIZ STEELE 5 comentarios 60 votos Ninguna
Click and drag materials into a folder Mrs. Meyer 5 comentarios 9 votos Ninguna
UNDERAGE <> Abdelrahman _ 5 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Adding a Profile Picture Karen Greaber 5 comentarios 1 voto Respondida
courses 1363811 Daniela Zepeda 5 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Feature Request: Download Portfolio Kevin Pressley 5 comentarios 15 votos Completada
Rubric Printing Angela Halwick (Mrs. Halwick) 5 comentarios 31 votos Respondida
Default to "Submissions Disabled" Ms. Weintraub 5 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
Bulk add learning objectives to multiple questions in question bank Paul Schlangen 5 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Create an editable copy of Google Doc assignment for each student, like Google Classroom does Ben Bohmfalk 5 comentarios 20 votos Completada
See Grading Category averages in Gradebook ANTONY MALMO 5 comentarios 17 votos Completada
Transfer student and their grades from one course to another Lezlie Strolle 5 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Transferring Students to other classes/sections. Andrea Wilson 5 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
Better Google Drive Integration Jonathan Beutlich 5 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Attendance needs functionallity Bradley Lindquist (85814500) 5 comentarios 19 votos Ninguna
Automate Badges with Completion Status Scott Kley Contini 5 comentarios 20 votos Ninguna
Add Feedback Feature for Short-answer/Essay Questions Sara Stuever 5 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
Feature Request: Attendance in Groups Adam Bledsoe 5 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
Overall Average - Confusing for parents Trisha Underwood 5 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Printing Gradebook improvement RITA THORSON 5 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Fill-in-the-Blank Directly Mr. Marquardt 5 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Print Tests/Quizzes to pdf/word Amélia Costa-Pereira 5 comentarios 5 votos Completada
Gradebook = Extra Credit Category Candy Wait 5 comentarios 18 votos Respondida
Can my students print their quiz results? Reuban Strain 5 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
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