Can you duplicate/copy a test question? ALLISON MARSH 14 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Submission Kayla Tharp 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
How do I access a course I signed up to take? Paula Danneker 1 comentario -1 votos Respondida
Bulk add learning objectives to multiple questions in question bank Paul Schlangen 5 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Download from Schoology into Google Drive/Dropbox Eleisha Nelson 1 comentario 14 votos Ninguna
Download from Schoology into Dropbox/ Google Drive Eleisha Nelson 3 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Individually Assign Pages Tiffany Kannengieszer 1 comentario 1 voto Completada
Create an editable copy of Google Doc assignment for each student, like Google Classroom does Ben Bohmfalk 5 comentarios 20 votos Completada
I need help in joining a course. Carli Cohn 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
EMAIL parents (not simply schoology message) Melissa Hughes 9 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
How do I change from an instructor to a student account? Jenneth Doria 2 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
Foreign Language - quizzes - Google Translator automatically pops up :( Cheryl K. 10 comentarios 12 votos Ninguna
Align entire test/quiz to standards Ben Bohmfalk 11 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Support Discovery Education Integration Gilda Gearhart 15 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Grades Debra Frazier 2 comentarios -1 votos Respondida
While taking two out of three attempts on quiz, I got error message and was unable to finish my quiz. Jong Lee 3 comentarios 0 votos Respondida
How do I get my kids accounts onto my iPhone? BETSEY DEGREE 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
I would love to have ability to set automatic Schoology message reminders for long term assignments Jess McGettrick 2 comentarios 14 votos Ninguna
How do I leave a Group Adam Guenoun (TheKid) 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
copy items to the same course Michelle Fox 5 comentarios 15 votos Ninguna
See Grading Category averages in Gradebook ANTONY MALMO 5 comentarios 17 votos Completada
Category Grades CHRISTOPHER EARTHTREE 7 comentarios 17 votos Completada
Wher do you find the code of a course you have already joined? Abagail Briggs 1 comentario 0 votos Respondida
Grade report in ipad app needs help! Señor Vangel 7 comentarios 31 votos Ninguna
Order of Discussion Board posts Mrs. Moisan 11 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Default value for quiz points Matthew Daniels 11 comentarios 20 votos Completada
Zaption Integration Sandy Kliewer 7 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
MAJOR Need for Revision for Quiz-Making Process Alyce Kenee (Aly) 0 comentarios 18 votos Ninguna
Grading Short Answer Quiz by Question -- Easier Navigation Alyce Kenee (Aly) 0 comentarios 10 votos Ninguna
EdPuzzle Jordan Williams 19 comentarios 44 votos Ninguna
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