Make corrections to Test/Quiz Matthew Darling 7 comentarios 23 votos Ninguna
Add an excuse/incomplete function in the tests/quizzes Ivan Donadic 7 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
It would be helpful if administrators could move a student from one course to another. Michelle Morgan 7 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
There needs to be a way to move work that students accidently submit to the wrong assignment. Dan Able 7 comentarios 16 votos Ninguna
Enable layered PDFs Ron Schloss 6 comentarios 0 votos Ninguna
Hide Assignment Columns in Gradebook Katie Collins 6 comentarios 7 votos Ninguna
Importing Assessments to New Assessments Feature Tina Lemmens 6 comentarios 3 votos Ninguna
Annoying Marking assignment submissions on Schoology Assignments Arvind Tirkey 6 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Google Docs Integration and Grading Mr. Kirk 6 comentarios 9 votos Ninguna
Fill Empty in gradebook Damon Brook 6 comentarios 5 votos Ninguna
Informative subject lines in notification emails Mark Watson 6 comentarios 2 votos Ninguna
Showing Late Assignments on Gradebook page Mrs. Fehr 6 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Student Standard Mastery View Erin Patchak 6 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Accepting a range of answers Mr. Gill 6 comentarios 17 votos Ninguna
Search Capability of Posts and Messages Athena Carson 6 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
Rotate Submissions from Portrait to Landscape Mrs. Kim Lammers 6 comentarios 8 votos Ninguna
Missing Exception within Assignment Submission Paul Schlangen 6 comentarios 63 votos Ninguna
Color code for resubmit/need grading return Victoria Deschere 6 comentarios 10 votos Ninguna
Mastery Features for Standards Based Grading Tyler Beatty 6 comentarios 12 votos Ninguna
Show "LATE" in Student Grade Reports Mr. J MILLER 6 comentarios 56 votos Ninguna
Recurring Assignments Jenna Hacker 6 comentarios 35 votos Ninguna
Align entire test/quiz to standards Ben Bohmfalk 6 comentarios 21 votos Ninguna
Grade report in ipad app needs help! Señor Vangel 6 comentarios 31 votos Ninguna
badges!!!! Mr. Everett 6 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
missing assignments automatically count as zero Mr. Goldner 6 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Bulk lock and unlock assignments Troy Caddy (4803797) 6 comentarios 46 votos Ninguna
Space for teacher notes with exemplar answers when creating short answer/essay questions Mindy Villines 6 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Allow students to create clickable hyperlinks for assignment submissions from the iPad app Matthew Montagne 6 comentarios 13 votos Ninguna
Assignment Posting Date and Due Date Mr. Parry 6 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
WORKFLOW IMPROVEMENT PLEASE!!!!!!! Ms. Morelli-Baima 6 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
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