WORKFLOW IMPROVEMENT PLEASE!!!!!!! Ms. Morelli-Baima 6 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
Gradebook Grid Trisha Underwood 8 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
Change profile picture from mobile device Elizabeth Gofman (Liza) 10 comentarios 29 votos Ninguna
Sharing Discussions Between Linked Sections Susan C. 6 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Print student roster Cathleen Billig 14 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Duplicate quizzes within a course Christopher Myers 11 comentarios 28 votos Ninguna
Missing assignments - refresh button Ryer Schierkolk 7 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Self Assessment Rubric for Students Mrs. Maion 8 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
EMAIL parents (not simply schoology message) Melissa Hughes 9 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Student Annotation Dustin Andrus 12 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Grade Analytics Matthew Glass 6 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Send a message or update to a grading group... Mrs. Cantagallo 13 comentarios 27 votos Ninguna
Add Absent Exception Indicator in Gradebook Paul Schlangen 0 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Ability to sort the Schoology to Skyward sync log Paul Schlangen 2 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Student Activity Feed Improvements Paul Schlangen 4 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Button to clear overdue assignments list DEREK CARTER 8 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Bulk Edit feature to move multiple assignments into folders Melissa Hughes 7 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Schoology integration with Synergy Mr. Cook 26 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Ability to search for a file, folder, resource, or material Evan Wolkenstein 10 comentarios 26 votos Ninguna
Visual difference for "completed" assignment Jasper Wood 5 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Edit Order of Headings/ Topics in Parent Email Digest Paul Schlangen 0 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
"Add Event" feature to appear on Parents' Schoology Cindy Deatherage 0 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
AutoFill Feature for Rubrics Ms. Zidow 17 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Allowing student account to view all past due assginemnts Brooke Cheng 1 comentario 25 votos Ninguna
Parent Access Codes & Informational Letter Mrs. Berhe 2 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Can students use rich text editor for fill in the blank responses? Brendan Burns 18 comentarios 25 votos Ninguna
Calendar Functions Anne Davisson 1 comentario 24 votos Ninguna
Mark Status in Gradebook - submitted Audrey Langley 14 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Support Discovery Education Integration Gilda Gearhart 15 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
Order of Discussion Board posts Mrs. Moisan 11 comentarios 24 votos Ninguna
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