Rich text editor buggy. Requesting software update. Nicholas Scheevel 2 comentarios 2 votos Completada
Parent Weekly Email - show current quarter grade Mrs. Lord 24 comentarios 19 votos Completada
direct upload link to turn in assignment Spiros Xydas 8 comentarios 21 votos Completada
Add Rich Text Editor to Student Discussion responses Clay Burell (Mr.) 4 comentarios 4 votos Completada
Custom notification settings for groups Anna Otto 3 comentarios 2 votos Completada
Is anyone from Schoology reading these? Please create a PRINT TEST option Anina Karlovic 2 comentarios 2 votos Completada
Connecting sections together Nick Falde 3 comentarios 3 votos Completada
notification to students for late/missing assignments Mrs. Denney 105 comentarios 250 votos Completada
Folder Colors in Apps SHELLY TRAVER 7 comentarios 14 votos Completada
Ability to submit a link in the Assignment dropbox Julie Yoon 9 comentarios 10 votos Completada
Adding a feature to enable rubrics to be saved Mr. Wood 1 comentario 1 voto Completada
Infinite Campus Mr. Schneider 4 comentarios 21 votos Completada
Insert Content Guides Needed Jason Kaiser 1 comentario 0 votos Completada
Inactive User Export/Import Russell Beauchemin 2 comentarios 1 voto Completada
A way to flag when a new revision is submitted. Elizabeth Suchanski 10 comentarios 11 votos Completada
Rubric saved with assignment. Karen Adams 2 comentarios 4 votos Completada
The ability to enter grades for assignments done 'outside' of Schoology within the Gradebook Kris Lurz (iTS) 4 comentarios 2 votos Completada
discussion need rich editor added to it Jody Bisgrove (Miss) 1 comentario 0 votos Completada
Ability to house files within a course outside of a folder Kris Lurz (iTS) 2 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Tests built from random subsets of a question bank Michael Brady 13 comentarios 13 votos Completada
Please add a reminder for resubmited assignments Maria Teresa Tamez Morales 1 comentario 11 votos Completada
Re-Submitting work in the drop box Kristi Malmgren 2 comentarios 4 votos Completada
Course Description (Idea) Communications Dept. 3 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Printing Tests Andrea Hunt 2 comentarios 5 votos Completada
Mastery in gradebook, need display of full alignment, at least on hover Jacob G. 2 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Allow Quizzes to pull 'X' Random Questions from Question Bank of 'Y' Jeff Tillinghast 2 comentarios 6 votos Completada
Implement a Virtual Classroom or Video Chat Julie Yoon 6 comentarios 5 votos Completada
Attach a Link to an Image Susan Elliott 4 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Ability to edit your own comments Julie Yoon 3 comentarios 5 votos Completada
Import members to courses using CSV/XLS as a way of adding them Colin Graham 0 comentarios 1 voto Completada
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