Doc conversion- why some and not others? camille gonzalezjensen 3 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Unnecessary student submission format conversion results in inability to review assignment Jonathan Terrasi 14 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Assessments not showing scores Kelley Drawdy 5 comentarios 3 votos Completada
My students can't open the links in their course Rusty Tannant 6 comentarios 0 votos Completada
HELP.. EVERYTHING that I had embedded in my course does not work Ms. Krausse 5 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Problems with embedded videos in pages Vanesa Maiorana 12 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Unable to play embedded videos using the link access 15.06.19 Mr. Jay 4 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Assessments - Student Viewing Correct answers issue CHRIS WOODS 1 comentario 1 voto Completada
Schoology AMP - Being able to convert assessment questions to existing question banks Nancy Garvey 1 comentario 0 votos Completada
Scrolling submissions Stefanie Oudiz 2 comentarios 4 votos Completada
Assigning Assessments/tests to all except absent students Lou Sangdahl 2 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Assessment Actions Glitch Stefanie Oudiz 2 comentarios 0 votos Completada
Assessments - M/C Partial Credit Philip Pulley Ed.D. 1 comentario 4 votos Completada
Rearrange order of groups Dave Allen 9 comentarios 18 votos Completada
NEW Interface - Reorder Courses and Groups? Alexandra Hancock 15 comentarios 5 votos Completada
grade book features TRACY RASMUSSEN 2 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Assessment scoring by question Marlea Bahantka 4 comentarios 12 votos Completada
Ability to sort by question in new assessments like in Test/Quiz ASHLEY BINGENHEIMER 12 comentarios 13 votos Completada
Gradebook Student Highlighting Chris Carpenter 6 comentarios 6 votos Completada
Improvements in Assessment Robert Kamrowski 1 comentario 9 votos Completada
Taking a quiz using Lockdown browser. Mrs. Gastler 5 comentarios 1 voto Completada
Partial Credit on Multiple Choice questions with Multiple answers Mr. HOLLAND 1 comentario 7 votos Completada
Ability to Print using New Assessments Richard (student) Hung (student) 7 comentarios 14 votos Completada
Assessment Tools - Calculator Leatham Forrester 1 comentario 4 votos Completada
Cheating concerns Lou Sangdahl 2 comentarios 6 votos Completada
Make Assessment images adjustable Adam Babcock 2 comentarios 3 votos Completada
Assessments - Show Ruler/Protractor when making questions ROBERT DUNCAN 2 comentarios 2 votos Completada
Profile Avatars ANGIE BREWER 1 comentario 0 votos Completada
Missing features of assessment Profe Olson 7 comentarios 20 votos Completada
Ability to print paper version of tests/quizzes/assessments Lindsay Dalius 5 comentarios 14 votos Completada
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