notification to students for late/missing assignments Mrs. Denney 105 comentarios 256 votos Completada
Get notified when student submits an assignment that has been marked as missing. Paul Schlangen 31 comentarios 241 votos Ninguna
Two-way sync with calendars Julie Yoon 104 comentarios 216 votos Ninguna
"Safe Exam Browser" for tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 85 comentarios 212 votos Respondida
Option to print a test/quiz Katie Ritter 71 comentarios 191 votos Completada
Ability to edit multiple instances of a course material when it is copied to other courses Julie Yoon 57 comentarios 182 votos Completada
Schedule an update/poll/assignment/event David Ayliffe 63 comentarios 181 votos Respondida
Ability to delete assignment submissions Julie Yoon 88 comentarios 178 votos Ninguna
Individually Assign Folders Jim Curran 38 comentarios 161 votos Completada
Leave a course without asking for permission Edgar Ruiz Valdivia 22 comentarios 159 votos Ninguna
Missing notification to students Nicole Loomis 13 comentarios 139 votos Ninguna
Student Completion with Due Dates Julie Yoon 58 comentarios 135 votos Ninguna
Recurring Events Julie Yoon 78 comentarios 119 votos Ninguna
Rubrics in Schoology MICHELLE ROSARIO 20 comentarios 118 votos Ninguna
Automatic Badges Benjamin Light 28 comentarios 116 votos Ninguna
Attempt Limit on Test/Quiz Matthew Darling 46 comentarios 110 votos Ninguna
Assignment default time Mr. Posey 34 comentarios 105 votos Ninguna
Please mark the incorrect parts in Assessments without displaying the correct answers. Professor SAN MIGUEL 54 comentarios 103 votos Respondida
Ability to provide comments for each question in new Assessments PAUSD Student 44 comentarios 103 votos Completada
Ability to set default test settings Julie Yoon 39 comentarios 96 votos Ninguna
Grading Group Projects/Assignments Mr. Vasquez 23 comentarios 95 votos Ninguna
Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up Terri Spartz 35 comentarios 92 votos Ninguna
Overdue update/notifications on app Ms. Prior 23 comentarios 92 votos Ninguna
Missing Work Report Miss Gearty 30 comentarios 90 votos Respondida
New idea: Messages student Search Rhys Taylor 42 comentarios 88 votos Ninguna
Ability to check off completed assignments Stephanie Andersen (Steffi) 19 comentarios 86 votos Ninguna
Student Annotations Mr. Sundquist 24 comentarios 85 votos Ninguna
Ability to grade and annotate assignments from the iOS app Julie Yoon 37 comentarios 84 votos Completada
Send a message or update to a grading group... Mrs. Cantagallo 29 comentarios 81 votos Ninguna
Printing rubrics to send home/file Mr. Bortz 23 comentarios 81 votos Ninguna
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