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Schoology to PowerSchool Transfer


The first picture is what was put into Schoology.  The second picture is what transferred into PowerSchool.  HOW??  Those are no where close to each other.

If this is what is going to happen in your program, why would we continue to use it?  I need to be able to trust that this will be done correctly.


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    Paritosh Tyagi Comentario oficial

    Dear Steve Dockter,

    Good Day! Thank you for posting your question in the Schoology Community.

    I understand your concern and I am sorry to hear that you are facing an inconvenience. There might be a chance that there is an issue with your grade configuration.

    From Grade Setup in the Schoology course, you would want to select each category and ensure that the calculation method (percent or total points) matches with the way the grade is being calculated in PowerSchool.  In Grade Setup, please take note of whether Round Period/Final Grades is selected. In Grade Setup, please also check to see if Weight Categories is selected. 

    In order to troubleshoot this issue further, we will have to take a closer look into your setup which will require access to your site. I order to protect your data privacy I recommend working with the Support Contacts in your school district who should be able to connect you with the Schoology Support team.


    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology Team.

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    Steve Dockter

    Both of them are the same.  They are both total points.  I've never had an issue with things transferring correctly to PowerSchool until this moment.  There is no weighted factor selected as I always have it as 1.  

    To be completely honest, it has nothing to do with set up on our end.  It has to do with it didn't transfer properly.  This is the worst example that I have seen.  But your sync button shouldn't have to be pushed every time we update a grade for it to transfer.  

    For all the schools out there that work with your software, we should be able to expect certain things out of you.  Grades transferring correctly from Schoology to PowerSchool is a minimum.

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