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Confirmation popup when teacher gives grade higher than maximum score


A teacher has given a grade in the thousands at some point in my school, which is crazy, but it usually gets fixed. Although it got fixed and everything was right in the end, it still didn't need to happen. You already know that making a grade higher than the maximum because of hitting one extra number on accident is something that happens a lot, for example if you'd been trying to give a 10/10 grade, but you give a 110/10 instead.

A good fix would be a simple, noticeable popup to let the teacher know when they've given a grade higher than the maximum score (in a grade out of 10, 10 is the maximum score). If it's true, then it will tell the grader that they've gone over, and then ask if it's what they intended to do. I bet it's an easy feature to implement, but it'll stop a few dishonest students from not informing the teacher that their grade is 200% or whatever.


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