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Some Content Displays, Some Doesn't **BUG REPORT**


When I'm viewing the Home screen, I sometimes see messages were posted and what date and time, but there's no content (see screenshot). If I switch over to my children view, the content will display (see screenshot). The message content should be displaying in the home screen. 

Pixel 3, Android V12, Schoology 2021.10.2

I read in the app reviews that it could be a font or formatting issue causing some messages to display and some not to display. I've also seen issues with copy/paste from rich text programs like MS Word to applications causing similar issues. Just two ideas for testing.

I tried stopping the app, clearing the cache, restarting the app. I tried reinstalling the app and restarting the phone.



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    Nina Rivera

    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for reaching out in the Schoology Community! 

    We suggest updating to the 2021.10.3 Schoology Android App.  However, this appears to be a formatting issue. Sometimes the HTML of copied content does not format correctly into its destination. In this case, we suggest you  adjust the formatting in the documents. For example, if you are using a Word Doc, you can change the text size to  "Normal Text".  

    If the issue continues to persist after updating the Schoology Android version, please let us know.  We will be happy to take a closer look.


    Nina Rivera

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product



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