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Students not getting notifications


I have used Schoology in my university course for the past 6 years. I have never had issues like this before. This semester I'm finding that some students are not being notified of course updates, new assignments, and comments on their assignment submissions. I have verified with them that their settings are correct. Some of my students have even reached out to support but have never gotten a response. I myself have reached out to support as well to see if I could purchase a license just for my one class but again... no response. Can we please get some sort of support for them?


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    Nina Rivera

    Hi Professor Calderwood, 

    Thank you for posting in the Schoology Community! Schoology provides dedicated phone, chat and email support to Enterprise schools and organizations only. 

    In this case, are you saying they are not able to view "Updates" in the Updates section of their courses?  Or are they not receiving email notifications and Schoology notifications that an assignment has been created/graded?

    If they are not receving updates, please let us know the name of the course and we can attempt a back end fix. 

    If they are not receiving emails, please have them check that their Personal Notification settings are set up correctly.  They can find out more information about this here

    If the issue continues to persist, please let us know. We will be happy to take a closer look!


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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    Professor Calderwood

    Hi Nina, I did mention in my initial post that I have verified with students that their settings are correct. I also mentioned I tried to purchase a license for my own class but no one responded to my request.

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