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Fix your damn text editor


The text editor is insanely buggy and lacks features. A list of bugs that have been plaguing my submissions:

Pasting screenshots doesn't work from MacOS - I have to go to some image pasteboard (e.g., then copy that and paste it back in

Lack of autosave, and not even a "Unsaved Changes" warning

When pasting an image, it shows up for a second and then every single image, including that one, is deleted. You then have to undo that to get your image working properly

When pasted, screenshots are HUGE and must be scaled down

The image resize function makes it takes ages to get an image down to a reasonable size (i.e., not covering the entire screen)

No fullscreen option

When pasting formatted text, the size is always MASSIVE and/or has a weird background

When pasting formatted text with Ctrl + Shift + V, a strange "quote" block appears and is very annoying to remove

When opening context menu on an image, then selecting "Copy Image Link", the resulting clip cannot be pasted into the "Insert Media From The Web" page. I have to paste it into the search bar, then recopy it to scrub it clean of formatting first


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