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I created an item bank is a shared resources folder. It seems if I create a copy of the folder to be used as a back up I get an error message indicating none of the questions are there.

The item bank will also not copy to any course. 



Thank you,

Ms. J Kots


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    Paritosh Tyagi Comentario oficial

    Hi Ms. Kots,

    Thank you for reaching out for assistance in Schoology Community. 

    I will be happy to look further into this for you. Can you please confirm if the issue still persists on your end, if so then please share the exact steps that you took before reproducing this issue? Also, are you trying to share this item bank into a group?


    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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    Mrs. Morley

    I am still unable to copy item banks.  Either to a different course or between individual and group resources.  This would be very helpful as assessments are taking over as the preferred tool and the ability to customize our shared resources or move them would be a great option.  


    Go to the item bank in group resources folder.  Click sprocket on the right and choose copy to.  I place it in "Home" and put it in a folder in my individual resources.  When I go to click on the folder in my individual resources, I see the same message that the original poster showed. (Oops! Page Not Found)

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