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Assignments , not just folders, should have the ability to be scheduled


One of the best features of Google Classroom is the ability to schedule assignments to set up for the week and/or if a teacher will be out for the day.  This allows the teacher to focus on getting ready for class with it automatically popping up.  Currently this feature is only available if you put items in a folder and schedule the whole folder to open to students on a certain day.  Why is it not available for individual assignments as well if the capability is there.  Please correct this so that teachers can plan ahead (especially for a planned absence). 


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    Evan Lukowski

    This is a very strange omission. Please do fix this.

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    Elizabeth Skydell

    100%.  This is my single biggest ongoing issue with the whole LMS!

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    Jenn Choumil

    I don't understand why the same capability isn't there as it is with folders.  I would be less dissatisfied with this platform if that simple change was made!

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