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Students Resubmitting Work on Google Product Frustrations


I am a teacher that gives my students feedback on their work and allows them to revise or redo the work. As a drama teacher, most of the work is creating, writing, designing, etc. and we do these mostly on Google Docs and Google Slides. Herere is the frustration that brought me to tears today: FINALLY I have students that want to resubmit to meet standards and to get a better grade. They read the feedback; they revise or redo; they resubmit. I even get a notice that an assignment has been resubmitted. I go to reassess the work, and there is no marking, no notification, no anything to let me know who has resubmitted the assignment. NONE WHATSOEVER! I have 170 students spread across 6 classes. Even with it narrowed down to the class, that is sometimes 30 students work I have to go through HOPING I can remember who needs to fix what. There has got to be an easier way! Google issues are what prompted me to leave Schoology for Google Classroom 5 years, but a school mandate has made me come back. And I'm open minded and willing to work with it the best I can, and hopefully I'm just missing some small something that will make this a non-issue. I don't give many assignments outside of Google, because the students are mostly creating, as I said. But the few assignments that have been through Kami, when students revise or redo, on the right hand side, in the column it says Revision 1 and Revision 2. Can this not be done with Google and Schoology? Please help!



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    Hi Debb,

    Thank you for posting in the Schoology Community.

    The option to know the name of the student after looking at the notification is not built into the system. This is a great idea for a feature request and I will go ahead and move this post to the Feature Ideas Forum. Meanwhile, we recommned continue using Kami as a workaround.


    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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