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Audio feedback on video submissions


When attempting to provide feedback using the audio feature on a student's video submission, it would be great if the teacher could view the video and provide feedback simultaneously using the audio feature. To do this, the audio box would need to appear in a different location other than over top the student's video. As it currently works, the audio feedback box covers the student's video so both things cannot happen at once. Feedback can only be given at the conclusion of the video. Thanks!


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    Ellen Reilly

    Yes, please fix this.  I work with students who need to use sign language.  When giving feedback using the video response, the box goes right on top of the students' work.  It would be helpful to have the video response box be smaller or not on top so I can still watch the video and provide feedback through the entirety of the video.

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    Cassandra Nesbitt

    Yes, it would be helpful to be able to comment on the video while it's playing. Thanks.

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    Heather Bovaird

    please fix this! To be able to provide audio or video feedback while watching the video is crucial!! We need the ability to move the recording box/window to a different location

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    Heather Kendrick

    Very much agree!! Would be marvelous for teachers to be able to provide feedback at various points in the students' video by creating video (much needed for ASL teachers) text or audio.

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