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There are occasions when a student turns something in and it's not up to snuff, I grade it and then they come to me asking for a redo. I unsubmit the assignment, but I don't change the grade back to a zero, I leave it as 12/30 or whatever they initially earned just in case they never turn it back in. I have realized that there is no good way for me to know when they've turned it back in though, because it doesn't show as needing graded. When it's resubmitted it just goes into my Graded tab and I never realize it's there unless they tell me they turned it back in (memory does not always keep that information though). There is a spot where Schoology reminds us that there are Re-submitted assignments, but it doesn't take me to the assignment when I click on it. 

I would love a way to see which individuals have resubmitted previously graded work, so that I can go back directly to that assignment and change the grade. Even if there was just another drop down category called Re-submitted.

Or, if there was a notation on it like for Late or On Time, but with Resubmitted in yellow or something. 

Really I'm just looking for an easier way of finding these types of assignments, something that cues me to their existence and helps me find them. I cannot rely on my memory each time I unsubmit something back to a student, and I certainly can't rely on my students to send me a message or screen shot when they've turned it back in. 

Thank you!!!

Ms. Hershey


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