Feature Ideas

Sync logs, Syncing to PS, copying to a class, students turning in google docs... please make it better!!!


1. The sync logs for the gradebooks that sync to powerschool need to be better. Why are the ungraded assignments listed? Clearly I don't want them on the gradebook, so why are they cluttering up my sync log? 

Also, If there is an error, please explain the error other than, "There has been an error." I already know that, I need to know the actual issue. 

Please list the assignments in the sync log by due date, not alphabetically. I am only looking for the new ones and shouldn't have to search for them. 

2. Syncing needs to be better. I am unsure as to why I need to delete an edpuzzle assignment for it to sync every time I update a grade. Also, if I delete something from the schoology gradebook, it needs to remove automatically from powerschool. I shouldn't have to do it twice. If I auto fill for missing, the missing code needs to upload to powerschool, too, not just the 0. The only good part about Schoology was that it synced to powerschool but the issues it has is way outweighing the good part. 

3. Copying to other classes needs to be better. When I copy an assignment that has a google based attachment, I should not have to go to each class to reattach it!! That defeats the entire purpose!! My students are on chromebooks, I need to use google docs. 

When copying an assignment, if I have it as unpublished when I copy it, the copied assignments also need to be unpublished. I have it unpublished for a reason and I shouldn't have to go to each course and unpublish it all again. Same with the due dates. 

4. Students are on chromebooks and can only work on google docs. They need to be able to upload their google doc assignments to schoology to turn in. 


Please listen to the teacher feedback, Schoology is lacking in many areas we need it work certain ways. We are stuck with this program so we are begging you to improve. 


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