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Grading "In Progress" work


Many of my students work through an assignment until they get stuck and then never submit it. I would like to give them partial credit for the work they have done, and I'm hoping the process can be made more efficient. Currently incomplete assignments have to be submitted one at at time by the teacher. This is an annoying cycle of:

  • finding a student's name by scrolling through a pair of embedded windows
  • selecting submit
  • Page reloads
  • Repeat

Possible solutions:

 Add the choice of "grade in progress work" to the three dots on the gradebook page (in the title bar, under the assignment name, but above where the students grades are.)


Schoology grades "in progress" at the moment the assignment is due. 


Add a "pending submission" to the drop down menu where "submit" is selected on the Grading page


Keep the page from reloading until asked too. 



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