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I really wish that I had the capability of creating a Master Class that was only visible to me, but I could use that to make changes to all of my other classes. I teach ESS and I have 7 different classes that I have to add content too. It's frustrating when I need to unpublish something and I have to open EVERY SINGLE class to do this. If I had a Master Class I could choose which classes to unpublish from there. 


Life would be so much easier. We teachers already have so much on our plate, if a feature like this could save us 10 minutes we would appreciate that!


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    Paritosh Tyagi Comentario oficial

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for posting in the Schoology Community.

    My Resources, your personal library, is a cloud-based storage space where you can save all your courses and materials. You can use this area to create resources, as well. Anything saved in My Resources can be copied and transferred into any or all of your courses. Once copied into a course, the material can be modified to fit specific classroom needs without altering the original copy.

    This article will walk you through the Personal Resources in the Schoology.

    Please let me know if this helps.


    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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    Abby Musser

    I AGREE!!

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