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- Do not appears the Calendar in the right panel of Home Page -


I have tried to put events in the calendar in the right panel of Home page ..., but they do not appear, and in ´recent activity ', the created events appear as not loaded ...,
What can I do, can you help me please?
I need the calendar to appear in the right pane of the home-page,
previously I can do thta, but now I cannot.
Thanks a lot
Precarmed                    ****** SEE IMAGE BELOW *****


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    Muskan Sehar

    Hi Precarmed,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Schoology Community!

    To view the calendar, navigate to the Schoology home page > Course Dashboard, and on the right, you should be able to view the Calendar that has the upcoming events.  Once you click into the course on the course dashboard, the calendar will not be displayed on the right side.


    Muskan Sehar, Schoology team.

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