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Add Choice of Colors for Mastery


I think the visual features in Mastery are great, but unfortunately the choice of red and 2 shades of green makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to use for those who are color blind.  Can you add a feature to have users choose colors for the three levels that can be distinguished by those who have color vision issues?


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    Muskan Sehar

    Hi! Joseph,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Schoology Community!

    District Mastery has a feature where admins can create the scale with a handful of customization options and have the ability to set the associated description and the color. It looks like you are using Legacy Mastery.  If you would like to switch to District Mastery, we recommend creating a ticket with the Schoology support team who should be able to enable District Mastery on your behalf.

    For reference, we recommend reviewing the article on District Mastery/Standards-Based Gradebook.

    Muskan Sehar, Schoology team.

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