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Last week, I was successful in linking my two sections of Geometry. I have added a few assignments, but school hasn't started, so no work has been submitted.  

This week, I was given one additional Geometry section and when I try to link it to the other two courses, the section is greyed out and the notice says: "Courses must contain the same Admin in order to be linked".

Am I the Admin (Teacher??)?  The sections have the same titles and are from the same district.  The section was just switched from another teacher to me. 

Any advice on how I can link this extra section??



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    Hi Dr. Mattia-Varon. 

    Thank you for posting in the Schoology Community! After reviewing your courses, it looks like all of your geometry sections are now linked.   Would you please confirm, are you still having an issue linking your courses?  If so, below are the requirements that are listed for linking sections of a course: 
    • -The sections must be within the same Course.
    • -The sections must be associated with the same grading period.
    • -Enrollment must be unique across the linked sections. There cannot be any overlap in the students.
    • -The sections must have the same Course Admins.
    For further reference, we recommend following the Linking your Sections Help Guide that details the requirements you need to link the courses.

    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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