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Larger Grading Periods selection box / options


The Grading Periods selection window is so small it is nearly non-functional.  Even when opening my browser as wide as possible, it still only shows 3 grading periods at the most.  As you can see in the image, when course info wraps, you can only see 1.5 to 2 courses!  Earlier today, I needed to scroll to the bottom, click the up arrow 15 times, deselect that grading period, click the up arrow 7 more times, and select the new grading period.  And that was the fastest way to do it.  I needed to do this with ten courses.

It would be wonderful if the window could be coded to show 6 to 10 grading periods at once, or have the option to select a slider, and/or have an option to toggle between active and inactive grading periods.  I suggest 6-10 because for many schools there will be one full year, two semesters, four quarters, and perhaps a summer school session that could all be "active" at the same time.  If those are doubled due to wrapping, 10 lines could likely still show at least 5 of the typical grading periods at once.  This will make it quicker and easier to select grading periods.


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