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missing work


It would be great for both students, parents, and TEACHERS if Schoology automatically generated a list of which assessments and their dates that students did not submit that assessment/test.


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    Carol Kennedy

    This would be great a "Missing work" assignment list. 

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    Betsy Hood

    Every teacher in my district has asked for a way to sort missing work...actually they are begging at this point.  Below is a suggestion that one of my teachers asked me to submit for him.  It aligns with this idea of missing work.  Schoology has made some great improvements the last couple months (thanks Schoology/PowerSchool) so I really hope this revision to the Schoology gradebook will be considered.  

    From Mr. Burkin...
    When a student is "missing" an assignment, shade the grid box.  When a student submits that late assignment, the shading should change to a different color so it's obvious that there is an item to be graded.  
    I am getting a headache looking at the image below, looking for orange hexagons that have a blue icon in the corner saying that they submitted it.
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