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Assignments handed in after marked missing should get a notification


When I grade an assignment on Schoology, I mark the missing ones as zero so that parents/students know and so that my grade book is up to date with points.  However, if a students submits work after marked missing, I would like to get a notification so that I know to go back and look. 


Since I use a points based grading system it's important to mark the assignments missing so that all the points are the same for all students but I would really like notification about missing assignments that have been completed.  This is different than late assignments that still need to be marked.


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    Adam Cortez

    I have noticed that re-submitted assignments from Kami in Schoology have a little document icon, so you know which students are the on'e who have resubmitted the assignment.

    Can a similar icon be added to students resubmitted assginments in schoology from Google Drive??? That would be very helpful to know which students are the one's I have to check and regrade for resubmitted assignments.


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