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Auto-grading Fill-in-the-Blank assessments


I created a fill-in-the-blank assessment (with an audio component that students had to spell dictated sounds/words).  Each question had multiple blanks to fill in.  I put in the correct answers and point values for each question.  However, after the students submitted it, it simply said a green "completed" next to their name, but no score.  I had to manually go into each question and assign points out of the total based on their correct answers (it did check mark green the ones correct).  This was extremely time-consuming.  For instance, if a student got 3 out of 4 blanks correct on a question, it still said "0/4" on the top right- didn't score at all!! There was no feature I saw in the question set-up to automatically grade, but if I took the time to put in the correct answers, I assumed it would.  Am I missing something here??  Is it the type of questions I am inputting?  I also assumed students could see their score at the end and see which ones they got incorrect, providing immediate feedback. Now it defeats the purpose if I have to go back in and score each question one-by-one for each student will take hours.  Extremely frustrating!  Other teachers I have asked said their assessments automatically graded (not sure what question type they were using though).  Please help!!


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