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Missing Assignment Flags


I brought this up at Connect in 2019 and have not seen progress. Assignments flagged as missing are treated as graded. This means that they do not appear in Overdue or Upcoming assignments to students. Once submitted, they do not show up to teachers as new submissions or even re-submitted. So if we mark an assignment missing, teachers and students must manually hunt the gradebook to find them. Please fix this issue as it is one of the major obstacles in getting my colleagues on board with using the Schoology gradebook.

Assignments marked missing should appear on a student's to-do list (upcoming, overdue, whatever it is). Once submitted, a new submission or re-submitted assignment should appear to teachers.


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    Mrs. O'Rear

    Yes, please address this!

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    Marcia Oltrogge

    The missing flag makes graded discussions show as graded (with a check mark) so it's difficult to grade discussions after marking an assignment missing.  

    Also - please make is so we don't have to manually remove the missing flag before entering a grade!


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    Yes, please!  Please address the missing assignments feature.

    Teacher should be able to mark assignments as missing which lowers the overall grade.  However, the students should still see that it is overdue and should still be able to submit it.

    ALWAYS, teacher should receive a notification that an assignment has been submitted or resubmitted, even if it was marked as missing or as zero.  Teachers NEED those notifications.  We don't have time to scan through the gradebooks for the tiny highlighted boxes that have a submission but no grade.  Teachers should also get notifications for quizzes/tests that require some manual grading.

    I REALLY appreciate the notifications I receive that I need to grade XX assignments or XX discussion posts.  This is very helpful.  I just think the feature needs tweaked to include submissions marked as missing, and assessments that require manual grading.

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    Ms. Wenger

    I came here to say this!  I have a lot of missing assignments with my online kids (& with some of my in-person kids) & it's going to be such a pain to find & grade them as they trickle in.  Could the turned-in missing assignment somehow just "bump" the missing flag (& the 0 grade) away?  So now it's just a turned-in assignment with no grade attached, & it shows up in my grading queue?

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    Molly Fuhr

    I am BEGGING you to address this!

    1. missing flags should NOT mean a teacher OR student does NOT get a notification

    2. missing flags should go away when we input a grade (as of now, we have to HAND remove each flad)

    3. missing flags should be able to be removed all at once 

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    Heidi Van Woert

    I have also been getting a lot of questions from teachers regarding this issue.  This needs to be addressed so that teachers can use the grade book efficiently while continuing to hold kids accountable.

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