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OneDrive Resource App- Import as Embed


We've been using Schoology since the beginning of this school year and it doesn't seem the 'Import as Embed' feature is working properly when attempting to use the OneDrive Resource App.  I know it was an issue earlier in the year, but it still isn't working.  Any time line on when this will be fixed?  Anytime I select 'Import as Embed' for PowerPoints in my OneDrive (and I am connected to my OneDrive), it appears to embed it, but when viewing it after saving, the box where the PowerPoint should appear reads, 'This link has been removed.
Sorry, access to this document has been removed. Please contact the person who shared it with you.'

The document belongs to me and was created by me.  Anyone know what's going on and when this will be fixed?


Jill Robinson


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