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EdPuzzle Integration Issue


I co-teach in multiple different classes and have been added as an admin in the classes on the Schoology side. Some of these classes are working with EdPuzzle and show me the student progress, but some do not. I tried contacting EdPuzzle and they said that you wouldn't be able to have a co-teacher in EdPuzzle but obviously that's not true. Those classes worked without doing anything other adding me as an admin to the class.


Any suggestions or solutions?


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    Elisa Kensinger

    Not sure if this will help.  But here's what I did in a similar situation.  I add new material and select the EdPuzzle app.  I find the video and then this is where it's different.  Instead of letting Schoology automatically detect what app to use from the URL, I manually select EdPuzzle on the dropdown menu.  If those students are in your Powerschool AND you have access to the video on EdPuzlle, you should be able to see their progress.  It all depends on the students being in your Powerschool to see progress on Schoology.  At least, that's what I have found.  (This is why copying an EdPuzzle to another section does not work, because it copies the student roster from the 'original' class and they are not in the other section on Schoology.)

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