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Assignments submitted by student not showing up for teacher in Schoology

I have an issue with a student using the submit assignment icon in Schoology to turn in 3 assignments but I never received the assignments on my end in Schoology. 
Upon further investigation I found that he did as he said by completing the assignments. 
As I did a little more digging I found the 3 assignments in my "Recent" folder in Google Drive.  They are all in a row under items for today.  
I have no problem tracking down assignments if I know where to look for them but this defeats the purpose of housing things in the Schoology platform.  
What is going on with this and can it be fixed?

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    Media Tech

    We are starting to see this as well.  Would love a response!

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    Sherry Zayac

    Unfortunately Schoology's Instructor Q & A does not seem to be monitored and we can't, as teachers, ask questions directly - only through our IT department.  Even our IT department has a hard time getting answers directly from Schoology.  It is very frustrating. 

    I did find that if you put in a "0" for an assignment in Schoology it is considered "submitted" and therefore the student will not have access to it unless you unsubmit it. 

    That was part of the problem. 

    The other part of the problem was that if a student is working off a copy of an assignment in their Google Drive they inadvertently share it from there rather then then submit it in Schoology.  

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