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Assessment Grading Reminders

I created and assigned an "assessment" to students, I also have assigned "tests/quizzes" to them. After they are submitted, I get a notification for the "assessment" that it is done, same goes for "tests/quizzes". The area where they differ is in the "Reminders" to grade. I have "Reminders" to grade "tests/quizzes", but not for "Assessments". Why Is that? 
Request: Can "Assessments" have the setting where it shows up in "Reminders" to grade?

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    Mr. BOWSER

    Whole-heartedly agree...why doesn't it already to that?  Seems pretty logical that it should appear there, just as a test/quiz does.

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    Kathy Donohue

    Was trying to figure this out too.  If it isn't there, I don't look for it.  The only place I can find it is in the grade book.  If this really is going to be the only assessment feature, you think they would have thought of that already.  ARGH!!  

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    Dr. Everett

    Agreed. Assessments is good, but I miss the ability to comment and get reminders. 

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