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Always "show to student"!!


So when I grade (app or website) and I click in a place where I would type in a comment, there is a checkbox that says "show to student". The number of times I need to make a comment that is NOT for a student to see is so far zero. Can we either have that check box default to being checked or change it to "hide from student" instead?


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    Margo Gore

    Yes!  Showing comments to the student is the norm.  The default should be show to student.  

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    Ms. Cosgrove

    PLEASE add this feature - teacher's are wasting so much time when we need it more than ever. Feedback and communication, especially during a pandemic and blended/remote learning is ESSENTIAL. What is the point of these help boards if they are never looked at? Everytime I look for something practical in Schoology - I find it here unanswered for YEARS in the Schoology suggestion graveyard. 

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    Joanna Christiansen

    The fact that I have to remember to check that box every time is driving me nuts and sometimes I have to scroll to even see the check box so I forget.  I would love the default to be always show to student. 

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