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Limit the "by student" grading view for individually assigned assessments


Some of our teachers are having a classroom management issue when it comes to individually assigning Assessments (in this example, some students have a "normal" assessment and others have a read-aloud version). When teachers go to the grading by student view, they have a difficult time seeing which students are not in progress or have not submitted the assessment at all. Normally in a live class, you could tell that all students were in either the normal or the read-aloud version of the online assessment just by looking over their shoulder. Now with distance learning, these teachers are having a hard time telling which students are on task or not since they would need to switch back and forth between multiple tabs – a distracting task.

Any chance that the “by student” view could be limited to only show the students that have had that assessment actually assigned to them as opposed to showing all students in the class?



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