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As it relates to the Drag and Drop type of question when building a Schoology Assessment, within the answer key, I know that we can enter all alternate possibilities.  However, in some cases there are too many.  I wish there was an "allow for permutations" feature to the answer key within drag and drop.


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    Heather Yee (IndYee)

    Agreed. It would be great to indicate whether the answers have to be in the exact order or can be in any order.


    And/Or to be able to put all of the possible answers in each blank. So for example, if blank 1 could be A or E, the teacher could put A and E for blank 1 and as long as the student selects A or E, it would be marked correct.


    And/Or to have a question that asks students to choose at least x number of answers when there are more than x possible. The teacher could build the question and select all of the possible answers and as long as the student chooses at least x number correctly they would get full points. (possibly even giving bonus points if they select more than x correctly.)

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