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Missings in the Schoology Gradebook is causing issues with follow through


Apparently assignments flagged as missing are being treated by the gradebook as graded. Because of this,  they do not appear in Overdue or Upcoming assignments to students. Once submitted, they do not show up to teachers as new submissions or even re-submitted. So if we mark an assignment as missing, it is NOT easy to teachers or students to follow up on those.  Both students and teachers must manually search through the gradebook to find them. Please, Please, Pleas fix this- the way it is now causes a lot of confusion and frustration and takes a lot of extra time I don't have.  Makes it difficult for me to recommend using Schoology Gradebook over other platforms.


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    Holly Westerfield

    It's total garbage. I spent hours over the weekend to update grades and mark everything "Missing" that was missing. It put in a 0, which lowered the student's grade, which is what I wanted, but then I found out by doing that I REMOVED THE OVERDUE NOTICE from the student. Has anyone at schoology ever BEEN A TEACHER? Who wants that feature? If I wanted to mark it 0 and move on, I'd just mark it 0. WTF is wrong with the gradebook.

    I found out INCOMPLETE keeps it in their overdue notifications, BUT DOES NOT IMPACT THEIR GRADE. I can't help but yell about it. Everything about online teaching is so hard. This garbage gradebook is just one more rotting turd in the dumpster fire of 2020. How can this be so difficult? After finding out about the MISSING debacle, I changed everything to INCOMPLETE. Lo and behold, my students who had turned in almost nothing for the course magically have 100% in class now. How can I possibly explain it to them? 

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    There are several posts by teachers asking to be able to mark an assignment as missing but still allow the student to see it as overdue, AND still allow the teacher to receive a notification that a submission (or resubmission) has been received (even if it is marked missing).  It seems like a simple fix...  PLEASE SCHOOLOGY, I've seen threads asking for this as far back as 2013.  Can you please update this feature?

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    Rachel Meytin

    This is my biggest Schoology problem at the moment. I also just discovered that if a student submits a file and then I mark it as incomplete - - it doesn't show up on their list either! So I have a kid who submitted blank documents (not sure if it was intentional or not!) and I can't get them back on his overdue list!!

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    Laurel Wakeley

    I agree that this is a huge problem. Please fix this. One possible solution would be to make the current missing flag a permanent flag for work that is missing and cannot be made up, but to also create a warning flag that allows assignments to remain in appropriate areas for notification, and perhaps also add a feature that causes these items to appear as highlighted in the student's gradebook to draw attention.

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    Vanessa Mayesky

    This is so maddening as a parent. Not having missing assignments in the overdue section makes that feature worthless. It's left our high school student without a good tool to track what's missing. Expanding each course in the grade report and scrolling through every single assignment seems to be the only option. It takes a half hour to just review what's missing before he can even get started on doing the work to get caught up. Why is this feature so busted?

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    Ms. Crandall

    In addition to all of these comments, we have another issue at our school:  We don't want to penalize students 100% for missing assignments.  We want to be able to put a score of 50% for missing assignments. So we can't use any of the automatic flags, which all mark it 0 or excused, which doesn't calculate into the gradebook at all. 

    Teachers are having to manually enter those scores and type or paste in the comment "Missing- please turn in" as our work-around.  Then, teachers have to scour their gradebook daily for submitted assignments, as you have said above, because if you've manually entered a score, then it doesn't show up in your notifications. 

    I've submitted this as a feature idea, bug, question, etc, many times this fall. I know that the "Submitted" button is a new feature, but I don't think it will solve the problem. 

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