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Banks and New Assessments


I would really like to see the Banks in New Assessments have the same functionality as they do in Test/Quiz. You are not able to add items from current assessments into an assessment bank. You currently have to create all the questions in an Assessment bank. To randomize the items from an Assessment bank you have to create grading groups which is not at all like Test/Quiz which randomizes items from a bank automatically. I would also like to see the option to make the current test/quiz banks into assessment banks. 


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    Nicole Sturgeon

    I was so excited to see the question banks in the new assessment. I just started creating banks, figuring they would randomize like they do for test/quiz banks. So disappointed that I can't randomize the problems for each student creating a possible 20^4 versions of my test instead of the paltry number I could have created from the start. PLEASE make randomizing an option quickly.

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