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Allow copy/duplication of materials within a course


The feature to copy or duplicate materials inside of a course (not just to another course) would be a huge time saver for those that are not working with linked courses. 

Currently, we can only "copy" items within a course by saving it to resources and then adding from resources which adds several unnecessary steps.  


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    Laurie Vitale

    We are moving to an A/B hybrid schedule- THIS would be HUGE. Teachers can make a Folder for their A group kids and one for their B group kids-- same items within the folders but with different due dates. Teacher could use grading groups so students only see their folder. Right now this is extremely difficult to create what I'm describing because the kids are in the same course  (but alternating days of the week) we really need to be able to easily have clear organization for each group. 

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    Meredith Hale

    My teachers have been asking for this for years.  It would be immensely helpful.

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