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Descriptions as their own type of material


I know I can add a description to a folder and it appears to my students.  I also know I can write that text at the top of any page and post links below it.   But sometimes within a folder I want to give them a short text instruction so they can't miss it.  So far, I can only do that if I write it on a separate page in the folder ...and they don't always look at it.  I'd love to have a "description" be an category for a material to post.  That way, within the folder where all the relevant links and other activities are, they will be able to see brief text that I provided.


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    Amy Castrovinci

    I agree!

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    Ms. McKay

    Here's a work-around: If you create a page with the description text, you can click the little icon at the very bottom, in the options row (the one that looks like a piece of paper).  When this icon is clicked, it becomes colorful.  When it's colorful, that means the page will display "in line" - it will be "open" within the folder, so students will see the content without having to click on the page title to "open" the page.

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