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Can't make an assessment using a test bank?


My school just got schoology and it not longer lets me a) upload a test or quiz in blackboard--anywhere--not in a test bank folder or in a quiz I am trying to make and b) when making an assessment as part of course materials, it doesn't offer me the option of either importing a test or quiz from a file or from a test bank.  What did you people do!?!  That was THE BEST feature of Schoology. Please say there is a way with this new schoology to do it. And don't send me to the help page, because I already tried them all. Nothing works. There's no option to import in the assessment.


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    Nina Lewis Comentario oficial

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community! 

    Item Banks for Course Assessments are on our Product Roadmap.

    I recommend following the Product Roadmap to receive updates on the progress of this feature.

    You can view the different phases here, here and, here.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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    Brian Hurley


    That's really terrible. Had I known that Schoology removed the only feature that really differentiated it from any other LMS, I would have suggested to my district we not use it and stay with MS Office 365--now there is no real difference between the 2 and teachers are comfortable using MS Teams. 

    It's clear that the functionality still exists in some districts--I watched a video dated August 2, 2020 of someone who had the quiz/ test option and showed how to upload an exam and create a test.  Is there any way my district can get the quiz/ test functions and the test bank back please?  Can you advise me how to ask for it from our IT folks?  Not having it is seriously awful. I can't understand the logic of Schoology here--makes no sense.

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