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Pictures Always Showing on screen upside-down


I am getting really frustrated with how much time I have tried to get this to work...If I put a picture in a page format, just copying and pasting, it comes out upside-down every time, and there is no way to rotate in that format. If I do a media album, and then try to rotate the picture by clicking on it, I just get a rotating arrow like it is thinking, and it never stops. If I check back later to see if they rotated, the pics just show up as white. It shouldn't be this complicated to add pictures for people to enjoy in my course!  Thanks for the help!


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    Mrs. Cavedo

    I'm having this same issue. Even adding HTML to rotate the image doesn't solve the problem -- it just stays upside down.

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    Amanda Jones

    Same here. Please help.

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    Kate Villarreal

    Same issue! Please advise!


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