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Adding questions to the Question bank


All the tutorials make it look so easy.  The screen looks totally different when I am adding questions to my assessment.  

I do not see an area where I have the option to add questions from a question bank.

What am I missing?  Am I in a totally different spot or am I just not seeing the option to add questions to or from the question bank?

Here is a screenshot of mine when adding questions to my assessment.

What am I doing wrong???? Thanks


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    Mr. Press

    We are having the reverse issue.  Some of our teachers have created a question bank, yet cannot add from a bank to an assessment.  I have tried reaching out to Schoology on this issue, but have not heard back yet.

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    Ms. Pablos-Aguirre

    When they created the new "Assessment" to replace "Quiz/Test" they did not create a new version of the "Question bank" so now they no longer communicate with each other! There's no way to get questions from the bank to assessments because they no longer have the same programming :(

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