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Viewing exactly which students re-submitted corrected assignments.


Is it possible to have a flag or star or something that shows which students are the one's who have resubmitted assignments with corrections?

Right now, Schoology shows how many students have resubmitted a particular assignment, but does not specify which students are the one's who re-submitted the assignment, so it forces the teacher to have to open that re-submitted assignment for each student to see who has made any changes.


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    Natalie Oldfield

    This is a good idea! A separate tab for resubmitted and/or customisable view. I've got almost 90 students in one course and I'm about to start marking their assignments... being able to filter them out somehow would be brilliant.

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    Mrs. Jimenez

    This is very frustrating for me too. Please add a filter for "Resubmitted" assignments (especially with Google Docs).

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